Magrahat PS

SI Abdus Samad Ansari

The Magrahat PS serves an area of 135.184 sq km. The PS jurisdiction mainly has an agrarian community which lives on subsistence agriculture. The general economic profile of people are poor and they witness agrarian unrest during sowing and harvesting season. The Magrahat police have adopted community participatory measures to connect with the people. The area has small hamlets with strong political allegiance, but the police keeps strict vigil to prevent any untoward incidents. The PS has total population of 3,14,702 (Male-1,63,171 & Female -1,51,531) which is constituted of 43% Hindus, 55% Muslims and 2% Christians. The PS has 14 gram panchayats and Magrahat II development block. The PS is neighbouring Bishnupur PS, Baruipur PS, Joynagar PS, Mandirbazar PS & Usthi PS.

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