Community Policing

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Safe Drive safe Life

Safe driving is an essential component of road safety. Every day, so many lives are lost due to irresponsible driving. West Bengal government have launched a campaign '’Safe Drive, Save Life" to inculcate a sense of safe driving and responsible road behavior among general people. South 24 Parganas District Police target to achieve cohesion among civil society, police, transport, health, roads and other government departments to sensitize people about different aspects of safe driving and road safety. Throughout the district, awareness campaign has started in full pace. From Mahestala to Frezerganj, from Sonarpur to Canning all over the district, police is reaching to the people to make them aware. School students to NGOs have joined the Police to spread the campaign upto the grassroots level. Let us all take collective pledge to use roads sensibly, drive responsibly and ensure safety of everyone on the roads.

Swayangsiddha Initiative

Swayangsiddha is a preventive initiative and is perceived to be an answer to one of the most heinous interstate and transnational organized crime i.e. Human Trafficking , specially sex trafficking and is also a counter measure against another evil practice of society i.e. Child Marriage. This initiative has been conceptualized to Aware, Alert and Prepare children and women from being trapped by the perpetrators of trafficking. Under this initiative police will reach our directly to the public including students throughout the district with the knowledge of human trafficking. The presence of police at the doorsteps will certainly create huge impact that will open a new dimension for Police-Public Relationship in this part of the world. The volume and sustainability of this approach makes it very large and it is required to be large because the organization of perpetrators is also very large and strong.

Swayangsiddha is a Sanskrit word that indicates a “Self Reliant Woman- The Path Finder of the society”. The “Swayangsiddha initiative” stands within the visionary circle of acceptance and recognition of freedom and dignity of women folk. VISION : To reduce the rate of trafficking of children and women to Zero level. MISSION : To organize positive forces of society to combat organized crime in the form of human trafficking and evil social practice of child marriage. This initiative aims at penetrating into the minds of people with the awareness about trafficking and ills associated with child marriage. Awareness will enable societies to protect each of their children and female from being trafficked for sexual & or other purposes and to embrace each survivor of trafficking with love and grace, to stand by her side in recovering from the haunting trauma during her captivity and to cooperate with her in reshaping her life for better. Police-Public contact will open the floodgate of information about missing girls, women, traffickers and related matters. With the emergence of new platform the expectation of common man will rise. With the increasing demand of people, the units of administration assigned with the task of combating trafficking & child marriage will draw constant motivation to deliver to its potential.

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